Hrithik Roshan opens up on Kangana Ranaut controversy

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan broke his silence on the allegations made by Krissh 3 film co-star Kangana Ranaut on television anchor Arnab Goswami’s show.

Hrithik revealed that he met Kangana in 2008-09 and he found her to be extremely professional.

Although both complimented each other for their acting performances, there was nothing more than a professional relationship, claims Hrithik.

Kangana and Hrithik’s fight started in January 2016 when she referred to Hrithik as her ‘silly ex’. The two have since then exchanged legal notices, open letters and more.

Recently, while promoting her film Simran, Kangana complained that the Roshans used their power and influence to show her as mentally unstable.

Since then, Hrithik has been maintaining that Kangana was in talks with an impostor and never had any romantic involvement with the actress.