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#ChampionsWithCP - Narayan Ramakrishnan paints with feet to create beautiful art

This month, our campaign celebrates people with cerebral palsy who have created a name for themselves through their amazing talents and abilities. This week we present Narayan Ramakrishnan, an artist who uses his feet to paint the most beautiful and amazing canvases. Narayan Ramakrishnan is the recipient of the ADAPT Achievement Awards this year. The awards are given to people with cerebral palsy for their extraordinary achievements across various fields.

Narayan Ramakrishnan is regarded as among India's most promising artists today. What makes him especially remarkable is not just his talent as a painter, but the fact that he uses his feet to create such remarkable work.

His extraordinary talents have won him the ADAPT Achievement Award this year. "Its a proud moment for all of us", said Narayan's sister Vijaya Hariharan. "My brother is thrilled and very happy with the honour. He is a talented artist and his work speaks for himself">

This year Narayan is also associated with Art for Inclusion, an initiative of the India Inclusion Foundation. He is a part of the jury that will screen the works of artists with disabilities.

Narayan got interested in art when he was 12 years old. "My younger sister Vanaja would get art work home and I liked what she drew and coloured. I felt that I too would like to color", he says.

His disability made it hard for him to use his limbs. So he started by holding things with the big toe and the second toe on his right foot. He also had a special seat made, with back support. "Due to my disability, I could not go to school. I was home taught by my parents and sisters", says Narayan.

When he was 18, Narayan joined a local art association which helps artist who paint with their mouth or foot to support themselves and lead an independent life. The association holds exhibitions on behalf of the artist and transfers sale proceeds to the artist.

I had the full support of my family to continue doing what I do best and they would get me colours, papers of different kinds, books of famous artists so that I could learn from their works. I love to paint nature and landscapes, especially trees. - Narayan Ramakrishnan, Foot painter

Narayan says that people in India need to become sensitive to the needs of the disabled. "We do not have access to public transport, and nor are public places disabled-friendly. It was only due to family support that I have been able to achieve so much".

He says that families should not give up hope and give full support and encouragement to the disabled so a person gives his best.

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