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Adorable deaf girl receives special doll with hearing aids as a gift

October 31, 2017

Five years old deaf girl Abbi Keating from Australia, lost her hearing when she was two years old.

Her mother was disappointed but made sure her daughter was fitted with hearing aids.

Later Abbi went through cochlear implant, a surgery in which an electronic device replaces the function of the ear.

Abbi loved dolls and wished if her doll too wore hearing devices just like her.

Her mother was determined to make her daughter's wishes come true and got a doll with hearing aids especially designed for Abbi.

Abbi's mother even captured on camera the first reaction in which Abbi gives a huge smile looking at her new doll.

Brave Abbi hopes to lead her life like any other girl and now uses a mix of lip reading and Australian sign language, Auslan, to communicate with others.

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