Stories from 'Kahaniwali Naani' are reaching across the globe

Sarla Minni has become a grandmother to more than 6,000 children across the world.

Sarla Minni is from Bangalore and started recording stories in her voice for grandson, grand-nephews and nieces.

Through them her recorded stories were shared and are now heard by the huge audience in various parts of the world.

Sarla Minni is now the Kahaniwali Naani who shares weekly stories with her subscribers via WhatsApp audio messages.

The stories are around eight minutes long, in Hindi or English, and are folktales with animal characters.

She has audience in remote parts of Kashmir to far off places like U.K., the U.S., Dubai, Nigeria, Switzerland and Australia

Kahaniwali Naani is happy to touch so many hearts across the globe with her stories and the love she sends with them.

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