How to work efficiently when you are depressed or heartbroken

A recent study says that around 300 million people all over the world deal with depression, which is the most common cause of disability.

Sadness and depression easily become our barriers when it comes to performing our best and being productive at workplace.

Stress and depression badly affects our daily lives. We feel less motivated, cannot focus and concentrate and experiencing a sound sleep looks like a dream.

Here are some tips for anyone who is going through a difficult time and wants to still do their best to get stuff done at workplace.

Depression loves to lie to us and keep us feeling low. Make sure to get out of your home and try to be on time at work.

Make a to-do list and assign the tasks you think are achievable for the day. Take breaks when you feel you are tired or are losing focus at work.

Lower your expectations for performance and set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-oriented.

Achieving realistic and flexible goals will help you to improve your confidence and increase your motivation at work.

Don’t beat yourself up for the lack of motivation but ask for help. Hiring an intern or promising a realistic delivery time of the work to someone through email can also be of some help.

When you are feeling broken inside, doing some activities daily like yoga, exercise, jewely-making, painting can help to improve your mood, process pain and increase focus.

Understand that it is okay not to be okay at times. Practice self-compassion, allow space for error and take risks to stay motivated and effective at work.

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