PM Modi unhappy with pace of Accessible India campaign, activists hope for changes on the ground

Disability rights activists are hoping that the Accessible India campaign will get a push with Prime Minister Narendra Modi openly showing his displeasure at the slow pace of the campaign.

This is after many reports have shown that the campaign has failed to meet even basic promises. Like making at least 50% of all government buildings in the national capital and all state capitals fully accessible for the physically disabled by July 2018.

With only nine months left for the deadline to end, Modi expressed his concern over its progress at a recent review meeting that included top officials of different central ministries and nodal department responsible for implementing the initiative.

Disability rights activists are now hoping that the delays and poor implementation that has plagued the campaign will come to an end.

It is reported that Modi has made it clear with the senior officials to verify the actual work done under the campaign till now and make sure to complete the Accessible India scheme in ‘campaign mode’.

He has told officials to create a progress report on the project to present it during the next review, which may happen later this month.

During the review meeting, Modi said that all union ministries and state governments should make sure to have all office buildings, transport modes, government websites and systems accessible to physically disabled people.

He has asked the officials to build adequate unisex accessible toilets for the physical disabled in each block covered under the Swacch Bharat Mission and get its practical viabilities or difficulties tested by a disabled person.

As per the 2011 Census, India has 2.68 crore disabled people in the country, which includes 41 lakh disabled in Uttar Pradesh, 30 lakh in Maharashtra and 23 lakh in Bihar.

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