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This deaf student does not let impairment push him out of the picture

Aamir Ali Lulla is a junior college student of commerce at TEACH - Training and Educational Centre for the Hearing Impaired in Mumbai. Aamir, who is deaf, wants to pursue an MBA in Finance and secure a job in a good organisation.

Lack of sign language instruction pushes deaf students out of higher education

Initially Aamir faced difficulty in studies as he was not very good at understanding and remembering lengthy concepts and chapters. He found college education a big challenge as the syllabus was completely different from what he had studied in school. But he says he was determined not to let this stop him from pursuing his dreams.

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"I did not give up", says Aamir. "I tried regularly, and with a lot of reading developed a knack for the subjects. With continuous efforts and assistance from my teachers, I have become better at understanding and remembering chapters and concepts. I am doing better now."

Aamir says he gets upset when people around him, especially neighbours, don't understand sign language.

"Not everyone is patient enough to take extra effort to understand what I say and communicate with me"

To overcome this problem, he makes sure he communicates slowly and repeats things till people understand. "Teachers have helped me to understand that some people are good and make the effort to understand us. I have become more accepting and patient."

He also feels that things are getting better as people have become more aware and helpful. He firmly belives that it is important for the deaf to communicate with everyone.

Aamir loves photography, and especially enjoys snapping pictures of nature, birds and flowers, etc. He takes times out for his passion after college and during weekends with friends.

He also loves movies, especially the Spiderman series, Harry Potter series, and movies about superheroes.

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