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Karnataka engineering students develop a 'talking glove' for the deaf

People who are deaf or who cannot speak/hear use sign language to communicate with each other. However, most people do not understand sign language and are not aware how to use it.

To solve the communicate gap between the deaf and hearing communities, three students Dhruv Sharma, Rahul Shewani and Rohit Sarkar from Manipal Institute of Technology in Karnataka have developed a 'talking glove' that can translate signs and gestures of the deaf people into spoken English.

The glove can convert all the alphabets of standard American Sign Language (ASL) into spoken English.

The idea has helped the team to win second prize at the institute's innovation challenge. Soon, they will receive funds to design working prototypes of the device.

The team hopes that the device will change the lives of the deaf people, make communication easier and promote inclusion.

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