Never apply these on your face!

Flawless and beautiful skin is liked by all. We try cosmetic products and household stuff to care for our skin. These days tips and tricks are available online that claim dramatic results for skin. However, not everything is good for the skin. Here are three things that should not be applied on face.

  1. Baking Soda-many online tutorials advise about the using of baking soda to make skin clear. However, baking soda isn't good for our skin as it is very alkaline with a pH of 9.

  2. Lemon- Lemon is also not good for skin as it is very acidic with a pH of 2. This can make the skin sensitive to sunburn, blisters, and rashes.

  3. Sugar- Some beauty tutorials also recommend using sugar as a scrub to remove dead skin cells. However, skin experts claim that sugar is too harsh for face skin.

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