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Uber’s Sign Language feature helps riders in the US to communicate with deaf drivers

October 27, 2017

If your Uber driver happens to be deaf or hearing impaired, you may find it difficult to have a clear communication with your driver.

So, the company is making it easier for riders or travellers in the US to communicate with deaf Uber drivers by giving every rider a small lesson in American Sign Language.

The lessons can be accessed through the company's ride sharing app and Uber Sign Language feature.

The lessons have ten basic phrases which you can use to communicate with your deaf Uber driver.

Each phrase comes with GIF showing the necessary sign, including a letter by letter spelling of your name.

You can also visit the Uber Sign Language site where you can enter your name and practice the signs.

In case, you are paired with a deaf Uber driver, the company sends a pop-up within the Uber app itself. This will help you to get the information needed to communicate basic greetings and requests in sign language.

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