Bharatnatyam dancer starts online NGO to help people fight depression

Professional Bharatnatyam dancer Vasantha Vaikunth has started an online NGO to counsel people dealing with problems in marriage, parenting, midlife confusion and retirement.

With the help of the online NGO, Vasantha has connected with over 100 people from South India on Skype and phone to provide them the required emotional support.

People can share their lonely and depressing thoughts openly and freely as they can remain unnamed.

Vasantha encourages them to identify the main issue and come up with solutions themselves.

Vasantha who was born flat footed, with an extra bone in her feet was advised by the doctors not to train in dance.

However, she decided to follow her interest and has done more than 100 dance shows all over the world.

She is a visiting speaker and also organises workshops for college students.

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