Playing national anthem in theatres no longer compulsory, says Supreme Court

Eleven months after the Supreme Court made it compulsory for people to stand up in cinema halls when the National Anthem is played before movies, the court has now changed its order.

The court has said that it is no longer necessary for people to stand up in cinema halls to prove their patriotism. In its order on Monday, the court said that people should not be forced to display their patriotism all the time.

The court said it was the basic duty of every citizen to respect the anthem and national flag. However, it cannot be assumed that if a person does not stand up for the anthem, he is 'less patriotic'.

The earlier order on the compulsory playing of the anthem had led to many attacks on people. The disabled were especially targeted in many cities. There were cases of people on wheelchairs who were attacked because they were unable to stand.