Paraplegic Indian takes up Dubai Fitness Challenge

A 25-year-old man from India who is based in Dubai, Sujith Koshy Varghese, is not letting paraplegia come in the way of setting major fitness goals.

Sujith suffered an accident before his 21st birthday in 2013, which left him with a spinal injury, skull fractures, a ruptured lung, and three broken ribs. He took his paralysis as a challenge and vowed to walk one day.

Sujith is now an official fitness influencer for the Dubai Fitness Challenge, a 30-day fitness initiative.

Sujith will be attending a few powerlifting sessions as part of the challenge. He started researching fitness routines of other paraplegic athletes on the internet and developed a fitness routine.

He can bench press 100 kilograms, do up to 30 push-ups at a stretch, and exercise all his upper body muscles including chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders.

He also follows a strict, protein-rich diet and is in great health. He has posted pictures and short videos of him working out on his Instagram page @sutjithstory and has a major fan following.

He also plans to find a job in the investment banking.

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