Do you know which earrings will suit your face?

Wearing earrings is so common that many of us do not think a lot about their shapes and types. We hardly think whether a particular type of earring will suit the face or not. Here are some ideas to help choose the right earring depending on the shape of the face.

  1. Large hoops, studs, dangling earrings suit a long face.
  2. Earrings with rounded edges like oval stones will suit a square shaped face.
  3. Earrings that are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top look great on people with a heart shaped face.
  4. People with oval shape can wear a variety of styles as they all look good on them. Studs, teardrop earrings or slightly triangular and long drop earrings.
  5. Long heavy dangly earrings are ideal for a diamond shaped face.

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