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A blind critic reviews Fan

A blind perspective:

Directed by Maneesh Sharma and starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role, Fan is a blend of fun, thrill and action. SRK is simply superb when portraying superstar Aryan Khanna and Delhi boy Gaurav Chandna, a die-hard fan of Aryan at the same time. The scene where a heart-broken Gaurav cries his heart out after seeing the true face of Aryan is captivating. It's a classic transformation when Aryan imitates Gaurav. Gaurav reminds the audience of SRK's 'Darr' and 'Anjaam' days.

Thrill is expected in the second half when the fan's devotion turns into obsession. But the expectations are let down due to a weak script. For the first 20 minutes, the visually impaired audience may not be able to identify if the on-screen character is a fan or a hero as the name of the fan is mentioned very late. Also, visually impaired listeners will miss the fun and visual comparison during a scene where Gaurav performs on stage while the same actions can be seen being performed by SRK on a projector screen behind Gaurav. As the fan keeps copying almost everything from his favorite star including his voice, it's completely confusing to differentiate between scenes of Aryan and Gaurav without a sighted friend. I felt that the voice modulation and projection of Gaurav was better than Aryan till the end. This film highlights SRK's acting skills without the usual romance and songs. For the visually impaired, Fan is one of those movies that cannot be watched without an audio description.

A sighted perspective:

Fan is a treat for all SRK fans. It reminds us why he is still at the top of the Bollywood film industry. The first half of the movie is very engaging and sets up the characters for the second half which seems to lag a bit in terms of dialogue. SRK's great voice control and acting makes us forget that both Gaurav and Aryan are played by him alone. The audience will surely get their money's worth from watching this movie. I found it a bit tricky to explain the scenes where Gaurav imitates the voice of Aryan to my visually impaired friend whom I had gone to the movie with. Overall, Fan is a must watch for everyone and visually impaired audience should make sure to get an audio description for the movie.

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