Team of Delhi student hackers develop tech to help the disabled

A team of students of the Delhi Technological University has developed software that will help people with certain types of disabilities operate computers. All they need to do is either blink their eyes or move their heads.

The software is called Sysbot and it has been built by a team of four students who took part in a Hackathon organised by Women in Engineering of IEEE at DTU. They won the first prize at the competition.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is an international association of professional engineers and students focused on developing technology to help humanity.

With Sysbot, one can click the mouse with the blink of an eye and move the cursor with the movement of the head. It’s a software designed to help the disabled. The software needs another 15 days to become fully operational.

Another hacking team developed an application called Bell’s Palsy monitor that helps people living with Bell’s Palsy syndrome, while another team developed a pathfinder app for blind people.

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