Ensure city buses are disabled friendly - Delhi High Court tells Kejriwal government

The Delhi High Court has issued a strongly worded notice to the Delhi government asking it to make sure that public transport buses in the city are disabled friendly.

The notice came after Nipun Malhotra, founder of Wheels for Life, an organization that supports persons with disabilities, filed a petition against the Delhi government's plan to procure 2,000 standard floor buses, which are inaccessible to wheelchair users.

"I wrote to the Transport Ministry and various other authorities first but never heard back", said Malhotra, who has a locomotor disability, to Newz Hook. "I asked them to reverse the decision but they went ahead and issued a tender to hire these buses".

Malhotra then filed a petition, in response to which the court told the state government to take another look into the matter. The case will now come up for hearing on 14 November.

The petition says that the government should have consulted representatives of the disabled community before choosing the buses. By not doing so, the government has violated Article 15 of the Constitution that prohibits all forms of discrimination.

"Delhi is the capital and should be setting an example for the rest of the country", said Malhotra. "Its not just about access for the disabled but also the elderly, and we have a large elderly population. It is frustrating that we have to go to court to fight for our basic rights as citizens".

The court criticised the state government and said that it needed to be more progressive.

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