International Committee of the Red Cross's Enable Makeathon to work on solutions to help the disabled

The International Committee of the Red Cross is organising Enable Makeathon 2.0 in Bengaluru in 2018. The aim is to think over and develop solutions that will help the disabled participate in regular life.

The IRCR has been distributing orthotics and prosthetics to people across 40 countries to enable people in underdeveloped countries who live without means of inclusion.

The Enable Makeathon, initiated by the IRCR and its partners, aims to come up with prototypes and affordable solutions for persons with disabilities, especially those from rural areas.

In the event, teams of engineers, scientists, designers, persons with disabilities, and businessmen to compete for funds that will allow them to develop and market their innovations.

The purpose of the 2018 event is to crowdsource prototype solutions and products to address 12 challenges related to accessibility and employability faced by the deaf, blind or those living with mobility challenges.

The ICRC provides physical rehabilitation, such as physiotherapy, assistive devices and their repair and maintenance in many countries.

About 10 ideas will be shortlisted from these and provided support to produce six samples each, along with user testing and market testing services for the next six weeks. These products will be incubated at IIM Bangalore.

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