Public health emergency in Delhi, schools shut due to pollution

Delhi is going through tough times as the air quality has become even worse than before.

The Delhi government has ordered all primary schools to remain closed today due to the severe air pollution in the city.

The government has also issued an advisory for the parents to protect their children from the bad air. Parents have been asked to put masks on the children.

Outdoor and sporting activities in all schools have been stopped for the time being.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has declared a state of public health emergency in Delhi.

The IMA has asked the government to cancel all outdoor sports, marathons and other outdoor activities in schools due to the rise in air pollution.

The air quality is bad for health in the capital at present.

The IMA has said that the air quality is particularly dangerous for children as they are at a higher risk.

Smog, which is moisture combined with pollutants has covered the whole city and the visibility is also low.