How to know if you are on the right job or not

An expert once said that the best way to find if one is in the right job or not is by counting the number of good and bad days at the job.

If the good days are more than the bad days, then one is possibly at the right place.

The more one feels comfortable in their workplace, the more they can work better and create an impact.

One can also ask these questions to themselves to understand if their current job is right for them.

1. How motivated are you to work everyday?

2. Do you find your work or projects interesting?

3. Do you feel your work is helping the company?

4. Is the work helping you to learn and grow?

5. Do you aim to take on more responsibilities?

6. Do you enjoy working with people in your team or company?

Answers to these questions in a honest way will help you know if you enjoy the work and see yourself fit for the team and the company.

You can also check with a coach or a senior to get a different view or understanding if it is good to invest your time at the current job and if there is a future for you at the company.

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