Getting fat? These could be the reasons

If you are putting on weight and have no idea why, then keep reading. Here are a few habits that cause weight gain.

  1. Skipping breakfast- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it increases the metabolism. Not eating breakfast can make metabolism to slow down and causing weight gain.
  2. Limitless eating- eating directly out of a food package can cause overeating. Take food in a smaller plate and bowl to set a limit to the food you are eating.
  3. Night time eating- Some people stay up late and eat whenever they feel hungry at night. This is one of the main reasons behind weight gain.
  4. Snacking- Eating snacks between meals can also cause overeating. It can lead to consuming more calories than the requirement of the body. Eat light snacks like fruits and raw veggies instead of high calorie foods like chips and sweets.

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