Bengaluru girl petitions to PM Modi to add Diabetes to disability list

A 15 year old Bengaluru girl has started an online petition addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to include Type 1 Diabetes in the list of disabilities covered by the RPWD 2016.

The girl has Type 1 Diabetes herself and has started the petition on

The petition has been supported by a group of NGOs and Novo Nordisk Education Foundation.

Type 1 Diabetes is a life threatening disease and has no cure.

Patients have to take insulin regularly to maintain the sugar levels in the blood.

Patients also need to eat frequently as being empty stomach can cause the sugar level to drop.

The disease can affect people of any age. Children with Type 1 Diabetes need constant care and attention.

Recently, the CBSE schools had issued a circular stating that children with low blood sugar levels during exams would be allowed to take snacks in between and be given extra time.

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