These fruits are good for people with diabetes

People with diabetes have to be careful what they eat on a regular basis.

Diabetes is a group of diseases that causes too much sugar in the blood, which means high blood glucose.

Fruits have many extra benefits and can help person suffering from diabetes.

Here are some fruits that people with diabetes should eat.

Pomegranates protect from serious illnesses. They can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

Apples have lots of fibre and can lower blood sugar levels and insulin requirement in the body.

Berries can break glucose into energy and control glucose levels in the body.

Guava helps solve the problem of constipation and risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Papaya can stop cell damage and increase the life duration for people with diabetes.

Jamun leaves can keep the blood sugar levels in check and reduce the problem of frequent urination.

Amla has a positive effect on the pancreas and controls blood sugar levels.

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