How to find if the company has a good work culture

Dressing nicely, answering questions confidently and having the right body language are the must to-do things for success in a job interview.

However, there are certain things you need to keep a check on to find if it is a healthy company or not.

Your interviewer may act unprofessionally. He or she may behave insecure, which is a sign of an unpleasant work environment.

Your interviewer does not seem interested towards the company. Like he or she may share a less than positive opinion about his or her workplace.

Your interviewer may hint at extreme expectations and stress as work incentives. In such case, you need to think again if the company is a good fit for you.

In case the interview is going good, if the interviewer gives a very unclear or doubtful answer about the details of the company and its future plan, rethink.

If you are not clear with the job description, make sure to ask your interviewer. If he or she is not specific about your job role, then chances are that the company may not be honest and even exploitative.

Choose the company you are going to work with wisely. Also, beware of companies that are too eager to recruit you immediately.

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