Cerebral palsy activist denied room, hotel says he will soil the bed

Rajiv Rajan, a 44-year-old activist in Tamil Nadu, was denied a room in a hotel just because he is disabled.

Tamil Nadu hotel refuses room to person with disability

A hotel in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, refused to give him a room on the grounds that he may soil the bed in the hotel room and spoil it. Rajan has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to move around.

He had booked a room at the Hotel Anbu Park online, for a night's stay, as he was in Trichy for a sports meet.

Hotel's attitude violates RPWD 2016

The conversation with the hotel staff can be heard on a mobile phone recording.

This kind of discrimination against a disabled person is forbidden by law.

The Tamil Nadu State Commissioner for People with Disabilities, V Arun Roy has said that the incident will be investigated and action will be taken against the hotel.

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