School in Mohali shows the way to inclusion by installing lift for student in wheelchair

Thirteen-year-old Vasu Bansal is a happy girl as the school where she has been studying for the last 10 years has installed a lift so she no longer has difficulty going to different floors.

Vasu is the only disabled student in her school

Vasu, who is in Class 8, has polio, and uses a wheelchair, the only student at the Vivek High School to do so. The lift has been set up at a cost of Rs 14 lakh

The school has four floors and all the laboratories are in the higher floors. School activities are also mostly held on the top floors.

So far, Vasu used to be carried to the upper floors by a school assistant. Now she can go independently. The principal said that the school had not taken any measures to become accessible so far as there was no space for a ramp to be built.

Vasu is happy that the school has shown some sensitivity and understanding towards her needs. A much needed step, especially given that under the Central Board of Secondary Education guidelines, every school is supposed to build a ramp or install a lift for disabled students.

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