Thanks to civic inefficiency, Mumbai loses park for disabled kids

Total lack of communication and bad planning has lost Mumbai city a beautiful garden and play-park. What makes it even worse is that it was one of the few in the city accessible to children with disabilities.

Lack of coordination leads to park being caught in legal mess

This is after the BMC spent Rs 40 lakh in developing the park, which had specially designed play equipment for special needs kids.

This happened because there was no proper communication between the BMC's Garden Committee and the legal team. As a result, the owner of the plot of land filed a case in the Bombay High Court challenging the development.

Only park of its kind in Mumbai city

The park was opened to the public in July 2017 but in September the court ordered the BMC to correct its mistake and tear down all the equipment until the plot's ownership was sorted out.

BMC says that the park, spread over 700 square metres on Malviya Road in Vile Parle, will be redeveloped after the legal dispute is decided. Around Rs 40 lakh was spent on special equipment for disabled kids, making it one of the city's only parks of the kind. Local residents are angry and want the BMC to make sure its retained as an open space.

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