Man files for divorce from deaf wife, seeks child's custody on grounds he will be a better father

Rajendra Nai, who is based in Gujarat, has filed for divorce from his disabled wife and has asked the court for custody of their 9-year-old child who lives with her.

Nai claims that he can take better care of him as the mother is deaf. The family court has given interim care of the boy to the mother.

Ten years ago Richa Motwani, who is deaf and speech impaired, fell in love with Rajendra Nai when they were working in a salon. They got married and had a son but started fighting as she had doubts about his fidelity.

Richa shifted with her son Arjun to her parents’ home. Rajendra moved the court for the son's custody but the court gave temporary custody of Arjun to Richa.

Richa says that Arjun is doing well in studies and has learnt sign language. But Nai says he is not being allowed to meet his son and has also not paid his monthly maintenance as ordered by the court.

Nai says that as Richa is unable to hear and speak, she cannot raise him. But Nai says he will finally go by his son's wishes.

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