A marriage bureau specially for young people with diabetes in Gujarat

'Make my life' centre is name of the country's first marriage bureau set up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, for young people who have diabetes.

The centre has been started by Dr Mayur Patel, who hopes to give new hope to thousands of young people with high blood sugar levels.

There is a lot of stigma attached to diabetes and the bureau hopes to help young people with the illness connect with each other. It also aims to change the attitudes of those families, who are not supportive of an alliance with a bride or groom with diabetes.

People with diabetes have to take precautions, which may include injections of insulin, dietary restrictions, and careful monitoring of their day to day health to manage their health condition.

So far, the centre has helped find a good match for about 30 young men and women in the state.

The centre also provides counselling, medical checkups and is helping to improve the confidence of young people with diabetes and their families.

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