Find out if you are depressed and need help!

When things are not happening as per our wishes, we feel sad and that is a normal feeling. However, feeling gloomy and depressed can lead to serious mental illness in the long run. Here are few tips to know if your depression needs clinical help.

  1. If you feel inactive and do not wish to get out of bed. Depressed people do not feel motivated to get up and go about an active life.
  2. Losing interest in your favorite things is a sign of depression. Lack of interest in fun things indicates a tendency towards being alone.
  3. Feeling hopeless and gloomy all the time. Negative thoughts and feeling of despair are caused due to depression.
  4. Loss of patience around your loved ones. If you feel irritated while interacting with friends and family, you could be suffering from depression.
  5. Change in eating habits like loss of appetite is a sign of depression.

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