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Accessible technology for people with disabilities

There are 21 million people in India with disabilities who can benefit from an improvement in accessible technology.

Products that freedom and accessibility to the disabled

  1. Outdoor mobility device has been developed by the Co-founder of NeoMotion, Swostik Sourav Dash. It allows wheelchairs to travel long distances, including rough terrains.
  2. Mobility India is a Bangalore-based organization has designed a low-cost, device that can help correct the posture for children with cerebral palsy.
  3. Anand Kutre in Bengaluru is working on making cars accessible for persons with disabilities.
  4. Quadio Devices has launched a hearing app Q+ app. The app is a free application, is accessible and easy controllable.
  5. Bleetech based in Mumbai has created a version of an encyclopaedia for persons who are hearing impaired.

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