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These technologies are enabling the disabled to pursue their ambitions

There are 21 million people with disabilities in India, and much needs to be done to enable them to lead independent lives.

There are many organisations working towards just that using technology to empower them. Here are some of them.

Outdoor mobility device - This device enables wheelchairs to travel long distances, even narrow lanes and forest areas. alleys and even forest areas. It can be attached to a manual wheelchair, and is available in manual and motorised modes.

Empowering kids with cerebral palsy - Mobility India has designed an affordable device to help correct the posture of children with cerebral palsy. The product has features that adjust as the child grows with age. It can be used as a sitting chair and a standing frame.

Assistive cars - This mechanism can be installed under a car's driving seat, making it accessible to the disabled. The device runs manually and does not need electricity or batteries.

Mobile app for the deaf - A hearing app that is like a mobile-based hearing solution with the features of a regular hearing aid. Its a free app that can be customised. A deaf person can follow conversations using the phone headset in both quiet and noisy environments.

Encyclopaedia for the hearing impaired - This is a low cost version of an encyclopaedia for persons who are deaf. Users can ask questions through a mobile app in sign language or English and the answers are in Indian Sign Language.

Accessible videos - This mobile app service instantly connects the user to a live interpreter. It also the deaf to make and receive calls.

Real-time text to braille converter - This device, developed by students, is a letter-to-letter braille converter that prints the recognised letter in the braille cell. The usage can be improved or increased based on the needs of the user.

Brain-controlled mobile application - This multipurpose Brain Computer Interface can control mobile applications through the brain.

Gaming for the disabled - Students from the United Kingdom have developed a software called Gameable, which enables the disabled to play video games.

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