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This checklist will tell you if your child has missed important growth milestones

December 6, 2017

A checklist has been prepared by doctors at Mumbai's Sion Hospital and the New Horizons' Health and Research Foundation that can help parents spot developmental delays right at a child's first birthday.

Developmental delays is the term used to describe delays in a child reaching growth milestones in crawling, sitting up, walking, speaking, among others. A child with developmental delays could have dyslexia, autism, among other neurological problems.

It is estimated that one in every 10 child has some sort of learning disability. A 2005 study says that 65 million children fail to achieve developmental potential.

In India there is such a lack of awareness about these disorders that diagnosis is often delayed until the child is in school. There also is a shortage of specialists who can diagnose and help in rehabilitation of such children.

Right now, early detection of developmental delays is dependent on doctors and nurses. In the United States, doctors have to conduct a screen test for such delays but this is not possible in India as there is a shortage of paediatricians.

Development Delay Checklist

At 12 months, check if your child:

  • Claps hands when asked to
  • Pushes arm through a sleeve while dressing
  • Picks a small object using pincer grip
  • Puts a toy down and then takes hands off it.

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