He lost sight in a robbery but not his vision of becoming a champion surfer

Scott Leason lost his vision after he was the victim of a robbery at a grocery store 24 years ago. He was shot in the head and the bullet entered the left temple. His eyes had t be removed and he lost his sense of smell.

Leason was a passionate surfer and the incident did not take away that madness for the sport. So he became an adaptive surfing pioneer and one of the first blind surfers.

Leason recently competed with over 100 other athletes from 26 countries at the World Adaptive Surfing Championships in La Jolla, United States.

His goal and dream is to compete in the surfing division of the paralympics, a sport that does not yet exist.

His belief is that one should never lose sight of one's goals and dreams. He will soon be 68 years old and he hopes to one day surf for the Olympics.

He says the disabled are judged for what they cannot do, while one without disabilities is judged for what they can do.

Surfing was just added to the 2020 Olympics in Japan, but the earliest it can be added to Paralympics will be in Paris in 2024.

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