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Artificial Limb Centre at Pune looks to manufacture ultra modern solutions for amputees

There are plans to develop the Artificial Limb Centre at the The Armed Forces Medical Services in Pune into an ultra modern facility.

The facility will provide artificial limb, appliances and rehabilitative care to soldiers and will carry out research aimed at building locally developed solutions to its requirements.

The Ministry of Defense has asked the centre to submit detailed plans for the modernisation of the centre.

Because modern challenges are different, there is a need for the facility to be advanced to cater to future needs. The soldiers are in warlike situations constantly and injuries due to mine blasts, enemy action and counter terrorism are much more common. Therefore, modern facilities are needed to meet these needs.

The ALC's manufacturing unit creates develops artificial limbs but the centre buys other modern limbs from private manufacturers to cater to the need of patients. Rather than buy them, the centre plans to manufacture modern and more functional limb.

Soldiers, both disabled and paraplegic, have been performing well at international sports events in the past few years. Making expensive limbs, like the blades used by blade runners, in India will be a major achievement.

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