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Inclusive Spaces - Delhi Metro

In our Inclusive Spaces series, we bring you this report from the Delhi Metro, which is a crucial mode of public transport in the Capital.

The report is from Nimmi Jain who works full-time and travels around Delhi using the Metro. Why does she find the Metro convenient? From ramps that make it easy for her to manoeuvre her wheelchair, to a helper to lifts, there are many measures here that make it accessible to people with a mobility problem.

What sets the Delhi Metro project is that right from the planning stage, the needs of the disabled and the elderly was taken into account, with the help of the NGO Samarthyam, to promote universal access.

Many stations have designated parking for people with disabilities, ramps with handrails and signage. There is also a warning paving for the blind, and bright colour contrast for people with low vision.

Of course, like many other accessible spaces, there is scope for improvement. As Nimmi shows us, a coach set aside for the disabled would be a major asset, given the rush during peak hours.

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