A new tool that could help track brain decline & treat dementia before full onset

A new tool, QuoCo, developed by scientists can track the performance of the brain in adults and could help identify people who are vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.

Dementia is a growing health problem globally and many cases are undiagnosed. There is no cure and while potential treatments are being tested, the best way to delay the onset seems to be through diet and exercise.

QuoCo (cognitive quotient) is one way that health professionals can track the decline in brain activity in patients before the damage becomes irreversible. Like growth charts for kids, QuoCo charts allow physicians to monitor the brain performance of any patient based on age and education.

This would allow doctors to step in and treat an older adult who looks likely to develop dementia. Early detection is the best way to manage the disease before the damage becomes irreversible.

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