Mumbai motor accidents tribunal slams bus company for indifference towards disabled

A Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal in Mumbai has criticised the bus transport company BEST for being indifferent to the needs of disabled passengers. It has said that the bus driver has a duty to show extra care when such passengers board from the front of the bus.

The tribunal ordered BEST to pay Rs 50,000 compensation to a man who fell down and injured his foot after the bus started while he was attempting to board it from the front entry in 2009. The driver said he could not see the man due to the crowd boarding.

The tribunal said that when disabled passengers are allowed to board a bus from the front door, the driver was expected to take extra precaution before starting the bus. But this was not the case.

The injured man said that he suffered financially, emotionally and physically due to the incident and claimed a compensation of Rs 2 lakh.

But the BEST has blamed the passenger completely and denied any wrongdoing on its part.

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