Trains in India are not for the disabled

Meenakshi Balasubramanian, a disability rights activist from Chennai, has stopped traveling by trains. She moves around on a wheelchair and crutches as she is a polio survivor.

The lack of infrastructure for the disabled in the trains has compelled her to stop travelling in them.

Inaccessible trains and railway stations.

The railway stations and trains in the country are not suitable for people with disabilities due to the way they are designed. Firstly, it is not easy for disabled people to get on a train. The doors and corridors inside the trains are too narrow for the disabled to walk through them or move on a wheelchair.

Meenakshi has even faced sexual assault while she waited for a train a few years ago.

Online petition demands for change

Virali Modi, an activist has started an online petition urging the government to implement disabled friendly measures in Indian railways. The petition has attracted thousands of signatures in support.

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