Make up and skin care for people with albinism

People with albinism have to take extra care of their skin. Albinism causes the absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes making them sensitive to the environment.

The rays of sun cause harm to the skin and can cause cancer. Apart from skin issues, albinism can also affect the self-esteem of the person.

The availability of skin care and make up products can help with these issues.

A little makeup can help a person feel more confident about their appearance.

Choosing a foundation to match the skin tone is the first step. The makeup should be sun safe and protective.

Use kajal and eyeliners in various colors to highlight the eyes.

A little blush can add color and definition to the face.

Apply a good quality lip color that goes with your outfit or personal style. Use high quality hair colors to add shade to the hair.

There are lot of tutorials available online that can guide about putting make up on skin that has albinism.

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