In a moving gesture, parents offer to donate organs of baby killed in an accident

A doctor couple from Amravati wish to donate the organs of their three-month-old baby who is now brain-dead after a road accident.

The grieving parents have urged the government to relax the rules regarding organ donations of an infant.

At present the rules are not very clear about whether babies aged less than a year can be certified as brain dead.

Dr Umesh Savarkar is a gynecologist, and his wife Dr Ashwini, a pathologist, are the parents of 3 month old Meera.

They were returning from an annual doctors' meet in their car when a speeding car crashed into them. Meera and her mother were severely injured and were moved to a Nagpur hospital.

The culprit driver is yet to be arrested and is suspected to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

The couple feel that the life of the baby will not go wasted and she will always be remembered through the noble act of organ donation.

A nationwide search has been started to find matching recipients of the organs.

If the donations of the organ is done, Meera would be one of the youngest organ donors in the country.

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