Can't sleep well at night? Seek help or you face the risk of depression

Poor sleep at night increases the risk of developing mood disorders. This is especially true for teenagers who tend to stay up until late in the night.

A new study says that teenagers who sleep poorly are also more likely to indulge in risk-taking behaviour and addictions. This is because sleep deprivation reduced the proper functioning of putamen. This is that part of the brain that plays a role in goal-based movements and learning from rewards. Lack of proper sleep also leads to less activity in the brain's reward system.

The team studied the brain patterns of two groups of people in the age group of 11 to 15 years for the study. The participants were also made to answer questions while playing a game that involved receiving rewards of $10 and $1. This was to measure their emotional functioning and depression symptoms.

When participants were sleep-deprived and played the reward game for longer hours, the putamen was less responsive. They also showed more signs of depression.

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