Two Indians to get CNN Heroes of the Year award

Proud moment for the country as Two Indian Americans have been selected for the CNN Heroes of the Year award. Samir Lakhani from Pittsburg and Mona Patel from Texas have been named as the finalist along with some other people who will get the prestigious award.

CNN Heroes of the Year award is given annually

CNN Heroes of the Year award is given to people who help other needy people and make a positive contribution to the society.

Lakhani runs a non-profit organization called the Eco-Soap Bank.

The NGO recycles discarded bars of soap from hotels across Cambodia and distributes it to villages. More than 650,000 people have benefited from the group's soap and hygiene education.

San Antonio Amputee Foundation run by Mona Patel offers peer support, education and recreation opportunities to amputees to help them rebuild their lives.

The award ceremony will take place on December 17.

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