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Assam students develop device that makes daily activities easier for deaf people

A team of young scientists from the Assam Jatiya Bidyalay have developed a device to help the deaf carry out their daily activities.

The device vibrates when it gets a sound and alerts the user. There are four parts - condenser microphone, a magnifier and frequency selector circuit, and a vibrator.

Once the condenser microphone receives a sound it converts the sound energy into electrical energy which goes to the magnifier and frequency selector circuit. The sound energy converts into electrical energy and the circuit increases the quantity of the energy. This energy goes to the vibrator through the circuit and vibrates, alerting the user.

All the scientists are Class 8 students. They say the device will be useful for deaf people while walking, driving and riding on the road. The team has named the gadget as Horn for the Deaf: A Sensitive Gadget.'

The cost of making it is just Rs 100, which makes it affordable for most deaf people. The team started experimenting on the device from June 2017.

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