Online therapists provides relief to Indian engineers facing threat of job loss

Its an app that promises to be 'loyal, supportive and private', No wonder so many people are turning to Wysa and similar online programs to talk about their fears of losing their jobs.

Thousands of Indians are seeking solace in sites like these. This is especially true for people in India's tech outsourcing industry, which has been hit hard by curbs on U.S work visas.

Safe, anonymous solutions offered by online sites

An online therapist provides a convenient, private space free of the stigma that many Indians fear. They are useful and offer a real-time solution.

Another company behind such an initiative is YourDOST, whose founders faced similar experiences with finding jobs after finishing their degrees. The digital platform offers counselling from a network of psychologists and psychiatrists. While face-to-face therapy can cost thousands of rupees, YourDOST chats cost Rs 400 and video chats Rs 600. Help is available 24/7, and the startup currently offers over 2,000 counselling sessions per day.

Juno Clinic is another well established company set up by three entrepreneurs. Its online chats are free but audio and video chats are not. Juno even has special packages for people who have lost their jobs. Its 28 therapists are trained in handling such callers.

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