Social media campaign finally gets this disabled child into school in Jharkhand

Little Jitisha has a disability and was being denied admission by the De Nobili School, Central Mining Research Institute in Dhanbad. But after a strong campaign on Twitter, Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das has stepped in to ensure she is not denied the right to education.

School authorities made fun of Jitisha's disability, allege parents

The three-year-old's parents had alleged that they were humiliated by the school administration, including the principal and vice principal, who apparently made fun of her and turned them away. The parents complained to local authorities and the Child Welfare Society. The matter was taken up by disability rights activist Dr Satendra Singh, and later by India's blade runner Major DP Singh, who is behind the SwachhAbility Marathon.

Violation of human rights and RPWD 2016

By law, all educational institutions funded or recognised by the state government are mandated to provide inclusive education to the children with disabilities. They have to be admitted without discrimination and be given education and opportunities for sports and recreation activities equally.

Its been nearly a year since the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was passed and only a few states like Delhi, Orissa Rajasthan Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal have framed draft Rights.

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