Know the interesting new features of WhatsApp Beta version

Messaging app WhatsApp has introduced some new features on the beta version of the app.

The new features of the beta version of Facebook owned WhatsApp are Picture in Picture (PiP) mode, private replies in groups, new invite through link shortcut, tap to unblock user and shake to report.

PiP feature allows users to multitask while taking a video call.

Private replies in groups allows users to reply to a group message privately.

New invite through link shortcut allows group admins to message a link to other users to join the group directly.

Tap to unblock user provides an option to users to unblock any user by tapping and holding a contact and sending him or her a message.

Shake to report allows users to shake the device and report problems of the app.

These new features will be launched in the main version of WhatsApp soon.

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