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New Year brings good news for the disabled, Tata Steel & EnAble India partner to set up job training center

Even with the right skills and experience, people with disabilities find it hard to get jobs. To increase their chances of finding jobs, the Tata Steel Skill Development Society, TSSDS, will open a capacity-building center for people with disabilities by the end of December at Noamundi in West Singhbhum, near Jamshedpur.

Center to first train people who are blind or with low vision

The center will also be called Sabal Centre for Capabilities, and will initially train people who have low vision or are blind in capacity-building depending on their interest.

A Tata Steel-EnAble India partnership

TSSDS has partnered with EnAble India, which is an organisation based in Bengaluru that works on building the skills, instincts and abilities of the disabled. Sabal will also educate trainers who in turn will reach out to the special people and also conduct sensitization programs.

Each batch will have 25 students and the training will range from six days to six months depending on the need and course designs. The center will not only make the disabled ready for jobs but also encourage them to look at self-employment.

Center will train people with various kinds of disabilities

The program will first look at people with physical disabilities like vision, speech and hearing impairments and later focus on those with mental disabilities.

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