Supreme Court will give orders for accessible education

A bench of the Supreme Court has said that it will soon give out the orders for making the higher education institutions physically accessible for disabled students in the country.

The Supreme Court said it would soon pass orders with regards to these issues, and they will have to be implemented by institutes across the country.

The bench was hearing the case filed by an organisation Disabled Rights Group in 2006.

The case is about a girl that uses wheelchair to move around and wanted to study law.

The girl was not able to study at the National Law University and had to get admission in a private university.

"We will pass order with regard to these issues." - Supreme Court

The lack of infrastructure for disabled made her life difficult. The hostel rooms, bathrooms and campus did not have any accessibility features for students with disabilities.

This should not be the situation as per the Persons for Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995.

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