Olympic champion Curtis McGrath used sports to beat disability

Olympic champion Curtis McGrath's story is all about beating the various challenges that life throws your way.

Soldier, Survivor, Olympic champ

His story is truly inspirational. A canoeist and former combat engineer with the Australian army, McGrath lost his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan. He used this setback to better himself instead of letting it get him down.

As a combat engineer his role was to look for explosive devices but unfortunately he stepped on a land mine. It exploded and took both his legs and injured his left hand badly.

Championing disability through sports

He saw the incident as a path towards Paralympic sports. The 2012 London para games were about to start and he made history in Rio by winning a gold medal in the Men's KL2 or the para canoe event.

Aims to show India's disabled population the path to success

McGrath is presently in India at the invitation of the Australian High Commission. He has met with the Indian para-athletes who won medals at the Rio games. He is also talking to a larger group of people to show them the way to a healthy life.

India is his first stop in trying to convince disabled people to take up sports. His visit is part of India and Australia's exchange of sporting talent and technology. It is also a chance for disabled Indian athletes to push themselves to do their best.

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